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XIMA Call Detail Reporting

XIMA Call Detail Reporting

Customized and automated call reporting to optimize call data quality and analysis. SE Telecom elevates your XIMA call reports utilizing:

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SE Telecom XIMA Call Reporting

Premise and Cloud Options

Enjoy monitoring, reporting, and call recording on-premise and with some cloud-enable options.

Simplified and Automated Reporting

The intuitive XIMA allows you to customize and generate call reports to run automatically or on set parameters.

Enhanced Analytics

Specify call reports to generate unique reports for analysis and edit existing reports to tailor them to your business.

Improved Customer Service

XIMA call recording enables management to monitor and validate customer service quality when convenient.

What is XIMA Call Detail Reporting?

XIMA call detail reporting is an all-purpose software suite that provides customized call reporting and recording libraries for generating reports, real-time monitoring, and employee evaluation. The system allows real-time visual display for employees and management.

Standard Reports: These reports produce specific data about each call.
Custom Reports: These reports are tailored to the needs of your business based on the criteria you set.
Recording Library: The library houses all call recordings for quality assurance and validating customer satisfaction.
Agent Dashboards: The dashboard will display real-time performance statistics for each employee and the overall group.

How Does XIMA Call Detail Reporting Work?

Designed to integrate with other Contact Center services and software, XIMA call detail reporting allows management to log in and customize the reporting and recording parameters to monitor, evaluate, and assess the quality of their call center and its customer service.

The software monitors employees and generates real-time reports and an employee’s status and statistics.

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