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Cradlepoint 4G Wireless Internet

Get the freedom to connect your organization, people, and devices — anywhere.

You have offices, remote workers, IoT, and more, all requiring a reliable and secure internet connection. In a world where broadband isn’t always enough, cloud-controlled 4G internet from Cradlepoint enables organizations to connect better, find new ways to work, and improve their business results.

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SE Telecom: Your Cradlepoint 4G Wireless Internet Provider


Get peace of mind for your organization with reliable, high-performing connectivity with the best wireless internet solutions.

Versatile and Scalable

Get the flexibility you need to embrace doing business from anywhere, and scale to fast-moving transformations.

Simple and Sophisticated

Cradlepoint 4G goes up quickly with ease. Zero-touch deployment offers plug-and-play internet, giving you full control.


With best-in-class threat protection and network security, thousands of organizations count on Cradlepoint for their operations.

What Is Cradlepoint 4G Wireless Internet?

4G internet refers to the fourth generation of technology in cellular communications, offering speeds up to 10 times faster than third-generation (or 3G) networks.

The high data speeds of 4G wireless internet make connecting any device easy and give them performance comparable to a wired PC connection for better working capabilities.

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How Does Cradlepoint 4G Wireless Internet Work?

4G internet is like an advanced radio system. 4G networks, like 3G, are IP-based; they use a standard communications protocol for sending and receiving data packets. However, unlike 3G, 4G wireless internet uses IP for voice data, too.

With these data packets, your information traverses over different networks without worrying about getting corrupted or scrambled. Your device first communicates with a base station (like a cell tower), which relays the data to and from your device and the internet.

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SE Telecom offers everything you need in one place.

At SE Telecom, our core mission is to provide our clients a reliable communications infrastructure solution that meets the rigorous functional demands of tomorrow’s markets while enhancing workforce productivity today – delivering enhanced profitability and growth unattainable with previous technologies.