We are phone system gurus. We are problem solvers. We are people persons.

By strengthening communication through collaboration, innovative technology and investing in our amazing team, SE Telecom enjoys the same value we deliver to our clients. Our solutions create a positive impact on profits through the careful design of your communication infrastructure.

How skilled is your support?

With our design lab, your deployment is as smooth as a quantum stabilized atom mirror.
Our technical wizards have a history of solving the unsolvable – casting away doubts.
We are scholars of communication technology, studiously honing our knowledge to stay ahead of tomorrow’s trends.

James Stortz
President & CEO
Grant Stortz
Vice President
Snr. Systems Engineer
Jamie Perdue
Project Manager
Snr. Telecom Engineer

Ken Lawson
Snr. Systems Engineer
Snr. Communications Design Consultant

Trish Buck
Purchasing Manager
Joel Wald
Operations Manager