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SIP Trunking for VOIP.

Interested in SIP trunking for your VoIP systems? SE Telecom enables your business to stay in reliable touch with clients and remote workers. Create unlimited business opportunities for communications versatility. 

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SE Telecom SIP trunking solutions.

Cost Effective

Your monthly maintenance costs will be minimal. Add or reduce SIP channels easily as your business needs dictate.


SIP trunking has fewer operational components to manage or maintain.

Enhanced Communications

SIP trunking technology essentially replaces existing PRI phone line technology.

Trusted Reliability

Our VoIP solutions are completely secure, with no outages in the last two years. Get SIP trunking with confidence.

What is SIP trunking?

A SIP trunk is the digital and virtual version of a traditional analog phone line. But a SIP trunk line, as facilitated through a SIP provider, can connect to your local PBX and initiate up to 20 calls simultaneously. So, your business can initiate multiple calls over the internet to local, long-distance, domestic, and international calls if desired.

The term “trunks” refer to the number of phone calls that can be facilitated via SIP trunks through a PBX.

How does a SIP trunking work?

Each SIP trunk maintains and supports multiple SIP channels. And each SIP channel in the trunk is the equivalent of one inbound or outbound call. One SIP trunk can maintain an unlimited number of SIP channels. So, your business will only ever need one SIP trunk.

How many SIP channels you need will depend on your business’s call and communication capacity on an average day.

SIP trunks technology may essentially replace existing PRI phone line technology. Relying on traditional phone services can limit your business. Investing in SIP trunks can help your business scale up internationally.

We offer the best VoIP solutions.

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Ian Cathcart
Sales Manager

SE Telecom offers everything you need in one place.

At SE Telecom, our core mission is to provide our clients a reliable communications infrastructure solution that meets the rigorous functional demands of tomorrow’s markets while enhancing workforce productivity today – delivering enhanced profitability and growth unattainable with previous technologies.