What Are Premise Based Phone Systems?

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A traditional phone system using landlines. Premise phones connect to a centralized switch or PBX (private branch exchange) located on-site that then routes the calls to their destination. A common setup includes a limited number of outbound trunk lines used to place external calls with the majority of lines meant for internal calls. Additional phone features are acquired through software and are typically leased under license or purchased a la carte for a premium. The PBX and phone system requires IT maintenance as network functionality and replacement parts are the end-user’s responsibility. Scalability is limited by the volume of users versus the existing or planned PBX system limitations. Premise based systems, or a Cloud/Premise hybrid are sometimes used in specific industries or at the enterprise level as a solution to gradual technology shifts, complex requirements or as a means to leverage existing software and hardware still functioning. Premise systems are typically more expensive to implement and maintain, as a result they are rapidly being replaced by cloud solutions in the marketplace. No internet connection required.

Why Pick Premise Over Cloud?

  • Own your solution, eliminating monthly subscription fees
  • CAPEX preferred model
  • Full internal control and management of physical voice appliances
  • Basic dial-tone required with limited planned usage of advanced features
  • Enterprise-level solution that requires proprietary software not yet updated for the Cloud
  • No internet connection required

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