Manufacturing & Logistics

woman and man looking at boxes in the manufacturing/logistics industry
Overloaded with shipping inquiries and managing complex specifications? Simplify and expedite communications across your supply chain with one solution.

Today’s technology enables business communications to match the high level of detail that goes into streamlining every other aspect of your business.

Manufacturing and logistics businesses understand success is in the details and trust their UC platform to get their products, from concept to creation, delivered on-time. From integrating fax servers into UC for enhanced tracking and remote access to enabling wireless functionality for maintenance staff to reduce delays – stay connected with your customers, team and vendors like never before.

Benefits Shared

Collaborative Performance
Operate at the speed of business with smart, real-time solutions. By combining the most cost-effective and complete UC solutions available today with leading tech trends, case studies have proven collaboration increases staff productivity and efficiencies – keeping your organization front and centre.

Own your customer experience across any device or channel. Manage preferences and needs with omnichannel awareness of historical touch points like design specifications, faxes, mobile apps, self-service channels, calls, email conversations and more.

Lower TCO, Higher ROI
While your new communications platform helps you increase revenue and client satisfaction, it’s also saving you money through reduced maintenance costs, lower support and travel costs, voice trunking and least cost routing.
Cloud solutions boast the added benefit of built-in disaster recovery – erasing the need for redundant appliance deployments.
Unflinching Responsive Service
Deliver the service clients expect with added value they appreciate with robust call handling and routing rules. No more busy signals, clients reach the right person without fail with agile real-time call forwarding.
Trying to answer every call while you’re on the go? Flip the call to your mobile device without interruption and continue to enjoy a professional experience with extension dialing.
Reach Your Customers
Attract more customers by communicating on their terms!
One number access simplifies customers reaching you by phone, text and fax.

Multichannel media allows your business to connect to customers via social media, video, live chat, phone, email, instant messaging and more so you can keep important conversations moving forward.