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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate, construction and property management businesses rely on a powerful communications platform to simplify UC across multiple sites while staying connected to their office and clients.

Effective management requires a communications system designed to support thousands of unique customer interactions because every client is also a neighbour.

Ensure your field team keeps the home advantage.

Having trouble staying highly responsive while managing hundreds of staff and clients across satellite branches?

With the digital age came a tremendous challenge balancing customer details with a mobile workforce engaged in concurrent projects spread over dynamic sites. Timing can be everything. Industry professionals are familiar with needing a system that keeps pace with quick decisions in demanding environments.

Ensure your field team keeps the home advantage. Quickly setup or tear down site users through an intuitive online portal, or enable intelligent call routing and mobile features like extension dialing from your personal handset.

How We Help Your Construction Services

Mobile Freedom

Empower your team to provide faster response times and consistent service. With over a billion smartphone consumers you need mobility solutions your clients and team can use to securely connect across networks, locations and devices with ease. Your business call-routing rules apply so you maintain a professional image while you enjoy true mobile freedom. Conveniently access business contacts, emails, start video meetings, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail, send texts and more. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) helps effectively manage cost by allowing staff to use their own mobile devices – so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Lower TCO, Higher ROI

While your new communications platform helps you increase revenue and client satisfaction, it’s also saving you money through reduced maintenance costs, lower support and travel costs, voice trunking and least cost routing. Cloud solutions boast the added benefit of built-in disaster recovery – erasing the need for redundant appliance deployments.

Collaborative Customer Journeys

Own your customer experience across any device. Manage preferences and needs with omnichannel awareness of historical touch points like walkthroughs, online bookings, mobile apps, self-service channels, call logs, email conversations and more.

Simply Connect

One number access simplifies customers reaching you by phone, text and fax. Multichannel media allows your business to connect to customers via phone, social media, video sharing, live chat, audio conferencing, email, instant messaging and more so you can keep important conversations moving forward.

Improve Performance

Operate at the speed of business with smart, real-time solutions. By combining the most cost-effective and complete UC solutions available today with leading tech trends, case studies have proven to increase collaboration and productivity – keeping your crew front and centre.

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