Our team has had a fun and exciting adventure. We are proud of the experiences and success we’ve shared with our client network! We look forward to many more years sharing our journey with clients like you, and hope you enjoy seeing how we’ve grown over these great years.


Looking Forward

Stay Tuned! As we continue to earn loyal clients and great teammates, we firmly believe the best is yet to come.


Full Speed Ahead!

Gaining momentum,Q1 sees SE Telecom`s 700th Avaya IP Office solution deployed exceeding 11,000 Avaya phones installed. Demand puts Avaya and ShoreTel Cloud solutions at the forefront alongside data networking, switches, access points and network cabling upgrades – realizing the synergy between communications and corporate vision



The Sky’s the Limit

SE Telecom sees a large rise in data networking solutions. Construction finishes resulting in a beautiful executive branch expansion to their business centre


Head in the Clouds

Continued focus on Avaya & ShoreTel IP telephony solutions as the market shifts from complicated premise based systems – now adopting new Cloud capable technologies. SE Telecom adds 5000 sq ft, expanding their warehousing facility to better serve enterprise solutions



Feet on the Street

They’re rolling now! The fleet adds 4 more wrapped vehicles to the roster to better support our growing client base


Feeding our Growing Family

A benchmark year as the family exceeds 2500 clients with over 8,000 Avaya phones installed. SE Telecom begins hosting Lunch and Learns at their business centre to support their growing client base



Your SET Business Centre

SE Telecom purchases additional offices, adding 5000 sq ft for disaster recovery services. Clients now have the ability to operate out of the Business Centre in the event of an emergency or outage at their primary facility.


Expanding Expansions

Here we grow again! SE Telecom purchased their first 8000 sq ft facility converting the interior into a technical masterpiece.




SET the Bar High

With great success implementing Avaya solutions SE Telecom become champions of Unified Communications. The hunt for the next best tech doesn’t end with our flagship line – careful research reveals ShoreTel as the next addition to our portfolio. This year boomed as 6 Honda vehicles joined our growing service fleet to accommodate awesome teammates who didn’t want to walk to work.


Is iP Fruitful?

With the decline of Blackberries and the rise of iPhone, the team makes the switch. If only we bought a pile of stock at the same time as the pile of iPhones!


It’s Official!

Grant Stortz officially joins the leadership team as part-owner. Grant takes on managing the technical installation team during a challenging market shift. As Avaya IP Office gains traction, focus begins migrating away from existing solutions. Steady growth meant the commercial fleet added 1 new family member


Home Away from Home

Needing to expand office space, SE Telecom secures a 2000 sq ft space in the heart of Markham, Ontario. Building their branded service support, the first company vehicle gets wrapped and remains part of the fleet today!



S.E.T. Incorporates

After continued success, hyper-growth and a year of 80 hour work weeks SE Telecom finally hits the big leagues and incorporates in February 2005. Yep, we now have a corporate seal, minute book and even our own stamp. Congratulations team!


Hyper-Growth, Already!?

The team continues to grow while focus begins shifting towards IP Based Telephony, Nortel BCMs and an increasing demand for multiple site solutions



Our 1st ‘Enterprise’

Returning home from Guelph University, Grant Stortz begins working with James. Together they land their first major client, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and begin managing hundreds of Nortel sites. Enterprise Rent-a-Car remains a loyal customer, and SE Telecom continues to earn their business today.


SE Telecom is Born

James leaves his Bell telecom role to start his own business. A true entrepreneurial spirit, SE Telecom is born in a basement apartment during the time of Blackberries(™) and emergency service pagers


Our Story Begins…

Future President & CEO, James Stortz graduates from Sir Sandford Fleming Technical College with a degree in Electrical Engineering specialized in Telecommunications and began his career as a certified field technician.