What Are Cloud Based Phone Systems?

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With SE Telecom, Cloud based phone systems are an easy one-step solution for all of your phone-mobile-video-text-conference-web-online meeting-sharing needs. Cloud systems offer operational efficiencies, near limitless scalability and cost savings unattainable by previous solutions. Our clients are quickly realizing the freedom, attractive culture and simplicity brought by global unified communications across your business devices. Whether it’s collaboration through engaging high-quality video meetings with your teams and customers or reduced hardware, licensing and IT support requirements – there is no question why cloud computing solutions are dominating the marketplace. Cloud offers adaptable, reliable, secure service and, best of all, is typically less expensive with respect to both initial deployment cost and monthly service subscription. Internet connection required.
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Why Pick Cloud Over Premise?

  • Lower operational & initial setup costs
  • OPEX preferred model
  • Training & certification included
  • Unlimited 24/7 managed remote support included
  • No maintenance contract required as there is no hardware to manage
  • Reduced need for in-house IT support
  • Unlimited North American calling and reduced international rates
  • Simple Plug and Play phone setup
  • Flexible management of MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes)
  • Unified Communications across all devices globally
  • Easily setup and integrate remote users
  • Additional features available based on needs
  • Integration with leading and custom business applications
  • Scalability based on business needs without the need for an infrastructure overhaul
  • Lower licensing costs

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