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Plug & Play phones, computer softphones & mobile apps lets your staff work remotely.

With the requirement to stay home, now is the time to make the move to Clear Clouds.

Save 40% – 70% while adding advanced features with Plug & play phones allowing your team to work anywhere anytime.

90-second Clear Clouds explainer video https://youtu.be/xDhJK5VdWfM

• Call Recording
• Mobile Apps
• Click To Call
• CRM Screen Pops
• Voicemail Transcriptions
• Virtual Faxing*
• Advanced Portal Access
• Cellphone Twinning
• Reception Operator License
• Call Center Users
• Call Center Supervisors

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SE Telecom

Shine through the Rain Toys Donation

With 2020 being a year to remember we tried not to forget kids at Christmas by donating toys to local non profit Shine Through The Rain.

Dear James Stortz and the Team at SE Telecom.

Your toys will be sent to low-income children facing diagnosis of life-threatening illness. Whether the child is the patient, a sibling or has a diagnosed parent, when one family member is ill, the whole family is impacted. Most people do not realize that illness can cause financial ruin, with loss of income and increased medical related expenses.

At this time of year, there is often no money available to purchase toys. For many children, these gifts will be the only ones they will have under the tree. Your kindness means many children will now enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season!

Have a safe and happy season.

Shine Through the Rain Donate Now: Click Here

90-second Clear Clouds explainer video: Click Here

SE Telecom is the 2020 Consumers Choice Award Winner as the Best Telecom company in the entire Greater Toronto Area: Click Here

Make and receive calls in Teams anywhere using your existing phone service

Make and receive calls in Teams anywhere using your existing phone service

• Ideal for businesses with staff working from home
• Works with Microsoft Teams on PC, Mac or Mobile
• Quick & simple implementation in minutes
• Simple low cost monthly subscription
• Works with any phone system, PBX or SIP Trunk Provider

Contact us now for details

SE Telecom

SE Telecom Donates $6,000.00 to Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

James Stortz who is the President & CEO SE Telecom was raised in Scarborough and felt it appropriate to help SCHC assist the local residents.

The SCHC is dedicated to meeting the diverse, holistic health needs of the communities of Scarborough by addressing the physical, mental, social, financial and environmental aspects of their health. Through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the delivery of a comprehensive range of culturally competent health and social services, we cultivate vital and connected communities. https://www.schcontario.ca/donate-now.html


SE Telecom Donates $10,000.00 to local racer Kendra Adams!

Note from Kendra Adams. SE Telecom was s primary sponsor for the 2019 Season, for the sixth straight year and they are our longest-running marketing partner, as my Secondary Sponsor.  James and Grant have been wonderful support for myself and the charities that I am involved with!  I am honoured to have a company like SE Telecom stand behind and support me. 


Annual Holiday Party!

It’s amazing that kids who used to be babies still come 14 years later.

Our holiday parties used to be downtown with late nights; however, the years as our families have grown, we have changed the venue. We wouldn’t have it any other way. There is something about the kids watching Santa read the night before Christmas that beats out all other options.



SE Telecom Loves Helping Kids at Christmas

This year we purchased toys for local Charity “Shine Through The Rain”  

Shine Through The Rain does many things but all in the service of one goal. That goal is to help those who are affected by life threatening illnesses. Whether it’s through services or funds we seek to provide guidance, support, and financial aid to those in need. We help adults, children, and families find the silver lining. When things seem gloomy and you’re being rained on we’re here to help you shine through it

Holiday Donations

With Christmas upon us we felt it necessary to make some additional donations to Scarborough Community Center with of over 50 Gap sweaters for teens, a pile of kids schools supplies and of course makeup for teens to fill their stockings.