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Allstream – A Company with a Vision

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Allstream is a quality provider of business telecom solutions to businesses in and around Canada. Formerly known as AT&T Canada, Allstream is a leading provider of quality business telecom ideas to Canadian residents and businesses alike. It has got superb expertise and skills in not only providing telecom solutions but also establishing high quality network infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country. Since they operate an independent network of their own, they are able to provide noise free and congestion free telephony experience.

The company has an extensive network of fiber optic cables, servicing the business telecommunication needs of thousands of business and residential clients alike. The company operates over thirty thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable across the length and breadth of the country.  Such an extensive and independent network allows Allstream to provide its clients and customers with uninterrupted voice and video calls anytime of the day for the entire year around. Very few telephony companies can provide such a service at cost effective rates at which Allstream provides these services.

This independent network of fiber optic cables allows the company to deliver advanced features and services to its clients and customers like digital switching, Ethernet-featured services, IP connectivity and the latest security technologies. Not only this, but the high end security systems do not slow down data transmission either. All data communication is carried out at gigabit speeds in spite of the multiple layers of security encryption.

Allstream is one of the few Canadian companies who know the value and importance of not only retaining customers, but employees as well. In today’s market scenario with cut throat competition, it is very difficult for a company to sustain itself if it suffers from a high rate of attrition. This can often be reversed by ensuring employees get their dues and every employee, from the clerical to the managerial level feels a part of the company. These company values and ethics helped Allstream win one of the top employer awards for the year ending in 2010. The award officially declared what its employees have known for years – that Allstream exists to serve and not to exploit.

The extensive work ethics of the company has also helped it earn many other laurels as well. Being one of the foremost companies of providing quality business telecom solutions like business phones, VoIP phones, full business phone systems etc. in Canada, the company has achieved recognition and respect in innovative technologies as well. Their services have been unanimously appreciated by big business houses like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and even Intel. The company also has firm policies on social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility.

The company was acquired by MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services) in 2004 and since then has been known as MTS Allstream. The acquisition did not affect the functioning nor the core values of the company in any way and today it stands as the fourth largest provider of business telecom solutions. Additionally, the company’s systems are well adapted to the systems of other telecom bigwigs like Avaya phones, etc.

All of this helped Allstream earn the coveted award for the most employer oriented company in Canada for the year 2010.

Improved business communication with Ayaya phones

Monday, June 13th, 2011

In this advanced age of technology, advanced business communication is what every business company needs to tackle with the fierce competition around. High quality voice and great data services are high on demand which made the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology so popular and demanding as it delivers both of these facilities. Majority of business companies, institutes and offices prefer VoIP telephone systems as they are very fruitful to use and Ayaya is a leading company that supplies most featured business phones. Ayaya phones provide the users many other features and facilities also apart from VoIP.

VoIP phones are really beneficial as they let the users to make calls at lower rates and also to enjoy the benefits like video conferencing and video calls and that too through a single line. If you have a high speed broadband available then you can get a single line which will be handling hundreds of calls simultaneously and that too without disruptions and disturbances. Ayaya business phones offer such features which will astonish the users. The combination of high end features and reasonable prices is what Ayaya phones are known for.

Ayaya is known to produce high quality hardware and to provide fresh innovative features. Ayaya business phone systems will give you quality and clear communication experience which will let you meet the need to keep good relations with the customers and clients. Communication is a very important thing to be considered whatever the size of a business is and this problem can be solved smartly through Ayaya phones. Ayaya business phones are among the best options you can choose from, if you are planning to improve the business communication of your company or to upgrade it. One can have a wonderful and satisfactory experience with great quality Ayaya VoIP phones.

Avaya phone systems are targeted not only at the upper end of the business strata but also the middle and lower level companies. This is because Avaya Inc believes that everyone can benefit from increased organizational capacity. Thus, Avaya phones are available in a wide range of models and prices to suit every budget.

A phone system is more like a backbone to a business company and to ensure flawless communication one should not compromise in choosing business phone. And what’s the better deal than getting most effective features which will not be heavy on your pocket to get? Ayaya phones can fulfill every type of requirements of a company depending upon its size. A business company will surely observe the improvements in its profits after installing Ayaya business phones. Ayaya IP office phones are very effective and provide you hands free experience with the high quality LCD display. These business phone systems are popular and reliable. They are capable of meeting the needs of a business company. If you wish to boost the performance of your business then your first step should be to improve the communication which can be done by choosing an unparalleled business phone system.

Plantronics Headsets – Premium Headsets for Everyday Use

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

A headset is an essential commodity in today’s gadget dependant world. A headset is not just a mere accessory in today’s world, but an important tool for effective and efficient communication. Many people nowadays are seen sporting headsets. Some do it for style and fashion; others do it purely from a functional and practical viewpoint. The headsets of today have advanced features like noise cancellation technologies and are usually Bluetooth enabled. Heralding in these new breed of headsets are the premier range of headsets and headphones provided by Plantronics Headsets.

Plantronics headsets have a rich legacy and history. Its origins are steeped in the early aviation days of the 1960s. During that time, headsets and headphones were just entering the market. It was early days and the market response to the concept of headsets was good. However, the idea soon turned out to be impractical because the headsets of those days had poor ergonomics, bulky design and were extremely prone to heating up even within a few minutes of use. The headset idea was about to be discarded for good when two pilots associated with United Airlines, saved them from being thrown into the annals of history.

These two pioneering pilots were Courtney Graham and his co-pilot and close friend Keith Larkin. They had been taken in by the usefulness of a headset and understood that the current design did not do justice to the concept of a headset. So they went to the drawing board, discussed new designs with radio transmitter experts of those days and finally came up with revolutionary new design which took the world of headsets by storm.

Since then, Plantronics has rapidly increased in its scope, size and the range of headsets it provides. It is now one of the leading headset manufacturers across the world with offices spread in from the Americas to Europe to Asia and Australia.

The range of headsets provided by Plantronics is extremely compatible with almost any other electronic device. With a Plantronics headset, one can drive hands free by enabling the Bluetooth option in the headset or one can enjoy hours of music and games without any peripheral wires or extension cables. Plantronics headsets therefore serve to ease congested workplaces by ridding the work space of all unnecessary wires. Additionally, the lack of wires does not cause a hindrance in the sound and voice quality delivered by Plantronics headsets. With advanced noise and echo cancellation features, even VoIP calls appear smooth and lag free. The audio experience provided by Plantronics headsets is simply unmatched in today’s day and age. Plantronics headsets are therefore one of the most preferred headsets in use by businesses small and large alike. They provide perfect accompaniment to business phones, business phone systems and VoIP phones.

Furthermore, the materials employed for the construction of Plantronics headsets are amongst the finest available in the industry today. Instead of employing single materials like plastic or metal in the construction, as is the case with other headset manufactures, Plantronics headsets employ alloys and other composite materials like carbon fiber and steel alloys. These advanced materials ensure that the headsets are durable and weather resistant. They also ensure that the headset does not heat up even after prolonged use.

Plantronics headsets, therefore offer premium quality headsets at affordable prices for everyday use. The value and quality provided by them is truly unmatched.

Polycom conference phones – reaching all corners

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

One of SE Telecom’s top class solutions to the need of staying connected at all times was the Polycom Conference Phones, which changed the face of business phones all over the world. This unique phone system helped in enhancing the way the world of business operates within its boundaries and without too. It substantially improved performance at all levels of work while allowing for a system which effectively cuts costs .The business telephone system gave unparalleled clarity in both audio and video connectivity, thus making distance a totally redundant matter.

Today the polycom conference system has worked in collaboration with all the world leaders in telecommunication, making teleconferencing between cities and countries an achievement which has seen live networking between patients and doctors; teachers and students apart from business dealers and their clients.

To be successful in today’s world, one has to know in detail the art of communication along with all its nuances. This communication need is the core of all connectivity systems installed everywhere today. To deal with such telephone system, begets success.

The Polycom Conference Phones ensure smooth and clear, desktop and room, audio and video conference phones. Their unique brand of conferencing solutions include wireless phones, speakerphones, VoIP phones, conference call phones along with teleconferencing equipment based on open standards based technology which ensures a smooth compatibility between different telephone systems with the polycom ones.

As the world sees a splurge in communication networking, there is a substantial rise in the varieties of modes and means of doing so. That can be both for the audio or video teleconferencing. Today the presence of Polycom has been found practically in all spheres of life. They have been found in the hospitals, in all educational institutes and perhaps the most important contribution- in providing secure VoIP phones for communication between various government departments along with communication networks which are totally secure for keeping the communication channel open and safe between different governments also.

The role of Polycom Conference Phones has been acutely felt in both the health and educational sector. Now the latest knowledge and development in the medical field can be shared between doctors, whether they are in the main cities or in the remote interiors. With total clarity in audio and video quality, any patient can benefit from the two ways teleconferencing channels set up between the experts and the patient. All this is of vital importance in critical patient care. Similarly the educational field has also benefited from the high quality of phones supplied by Polycom. The role of teachers has expanded beyond the boundaries of classrooms to bring about a social revolution in the field of education. Thus one finds the role played by Polycom Conference Phone System to be of great importance. They have revolutionized the way the world does all its day to day activities in the modern twenty first century.

Avaya Phones: Fulfilling the Innate Need to Communicate

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Everyone has the innate need to communicate. Mankind as a species is unique in this regard as it has the widest range of abilities to communicate with one another. Some people even suggest that the reason for man’s superiority over other animals is his superior ability to communicate. No other species comes close to matching man’s repertoire of establishing contact and maintaining communication. Serving this essential need to communicate is the superb range of phones from the house of Avaya Inc, popularly known as Avaya phones.

The invention of phone is one of the fundamental landmarks in mankind’s history. No single other device has had the kind of impact which the phone has had on the way man conducts his life. The phone totally revolutionized how man dealt with his surroundings and his fellowmen. No longer did distances appear intimidating or far. People sitting oceans apart could communicate as if they were sitting next to each other in the same room. Centuries came and went, but the phone is still an integral part of today’s life. It has changed several times over the past centuries, growing more efficient in both its design as well as sound transmission. In fact, the modern world and especially the modern business world would be unimaginable without the existence of the super breed of smart business phones. Business phones like the ones provided by Avaya phones.

Avaya phones truly are a class part. They have understood the concept of efficiency and simplicity so much that a top level organization simply cannot exist without having Avaya phones powering its workforce. Avaya phones are revolutionary in design and concept. They have been constructed keeping the needs of the future in mind. Thus one gets all of the most advanced technologies and features in Avaya business phones and phone systems. Hence one gets future ready business phones with such features like Internet telephony and VoIP services.

Furthermore, an Avaya business phone will instantly catapult the organization or company into the big league. This is because of the organizational efficiency of phone systems provided by Avaya. With Avaya phone systems, the company itself gets a single specific number. All the individual employees get their own unique codes and extensions. Thus, instead of having hundreds or possibly thousands of unrelated long, tedious phone numbers, one simply gets master phone number and unique extension identification numbers. When the public or a prospective customer, views the company’s website and the person to contact he will be impressed to see the systematic numbering provided to each and every employee. This aspect raises the company’s profile in the public’s mind, which in turn brings in more business adding to profit.

Avaya phones are also unique in another regard. Avaya phones do not discriminate between small businesses and large businesses. It rather believes that every business serves to benefit from increased organizational efficiency. As such Avaya phones and phone systems are available in a wide range of models, serving the needs of businesses of every size and suiting every budget. From basic level business phones to advanced phones providing support for video conferencing, one can find every type of business phone from the house of Avaya phones.

Avaya phones therefore aid in the essential running of a business by ensuring, smooth hassle free communication.

The need of Business phones for enhanced communication

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

If you want success in your business and increase your clientele, then your business communication needs to be without any interruption. The constant interaction must be made between the associates so that they can resolve any issue instantly without delay. This develops a continuous rhythm in work pattern of the company, fetching it better result. It further implies that business enterprises will be at advantage with this advanced pace of work in their premises. The top heads of the business organization need to be updated about the ongoing activities and events, so communication has to be established without any hassle.

The steady and uninterrupted updates will further promote their business by giving them an overview of the progress of their team. Therefore, to facilitate this, business phones have been introduced by SE Telecom to help business organizations keep a track on the working atmosphere along with providing their service to their clients in an effective way.

It is very essential that the company officials readily offer their assistance at any point of time to their customers. They must avoid making their clients or the customers wait in long or short phone queues. This waiting process needs to be replaced with efficient and smart service. Thus, SE Telecom has come in front and taken an initiative to offer the business telephone systems to the companies that will let them achieve this.

These phone systems are sources of communication that let the customers access the required information in a very short span of time. They have been developed in a way to transfer their call to the person they wish to speak to. These telephone systems are very smart because they have the tendency to offer you seamless communication. The business phones have added to the effectiveness of the company’s services because they can help them achieve the target through their help. One of the highlighting features of these phone systems can be enumerated as the instant result delivery to officials. In simple and precise language, these VoIP phones have maintained their worth by the constant support to the customers in desirable manner.

These avaya phones are designed in a way that the colleagues can talk to their peers through teleconferencing option that is enabled in them. These teleconferencing options can let you have a report about various offices of your company by staying at your place. These telephone systems are making the life simplified by the utilization of CISCO and VoIP features in them. Contacting your colleagues is now possible at one click or rather dialing of desired extension.

There are certain extension numbers that are allotted to the employees by the company that uses business phones. These extensions in turn help in contacting their colleagues in a better way. This has been a very effective approach that is offered by these phone systems for the establishment of communication in the premises of the company.

Thus, it can be summed up that the constant development of the technology has inspired SE telecom to sell the business phones that will aid the officials to communicate in a smart way. You may be wondering that installation of these business phones would be a hassle but you may have to reconsider your thought. These avaya phone systems are installed by the service providers that you rely upon. All you need to do is to contact the service providers and they will come and install the phone systems for you.

Cisco Phones-Brand To Trust Upon

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Imagine how life would be without telephones! Whoa, the mere thought of it brings Goosebumps. Life without telephone systems! I must say the scenario is worse than the world destruction sight in the movie 2012. Well, I am not aware if the world is really going to be destroyed in 2012 but yes, I surely am aware that most of lives are certainly going to be devastated without telephones.

With the passing time, telephones have become the best friends of all. You can be a housewife, you can be a manager, or you can be a poor penny earning employee, telephone is a must for all. Understanding your need of a telephone, Cisco brought in the market a different range of Cisco phones helping you with your daily life, business, chats, love and family too.

You can locate a varied range of Cisco IP phones at SE Telecom services. You desire and you get. See, how easy it is. The Cisco phones offer a lot of features which definitely make them one of the best and unique. Following are some of the common and some unique features Cisco phones offer:

  • Auto answer/Auto Dial
  • Barge services
  • Call forward/Call back
  • Call history
  • Caller id
  • Conference
  • Touch screen (Disable feature)
  • Group Call pick up
  • Fast Dial service
  • Messages
  • Multilevel precedence and Preemption
  • Multiple lines per phone
  • Personal address phone book
  • Privacy
  • Quality Reporting tool
  • Security
  • Video display
  • Wireless profiles

The above set of features is in itself a proof about the efficient working of the Cisco phone systems.

Apart from the unique features, Cisco business phones even offer a lot of benefits to its users. The benefits no doubt, make the work easier and your life more interesting. Some of the benefits of Cisco business phones are as follows:

  • Voice communications: Cisco telephone systems offer voice communication over a set of IP networks. You can easily be a part of the PTT channel by using your Cisco VoIP phone as the PTT device.
  • Business phone: Cisco phones can be used as business phones too. You can even take care of your converged voice and data networks with the help of Cisco while maintaining its use as a business phone.
  • Improves productivity: You never know, your Cisco business phone can help you to improve your productivity by meeting the desirable needs of your organization at anytime.
  • Information services- The features the Cisco phones are embedded with offer you a lot of information services matching up the XML capabilities. It helps the user to get accessed to all types of information making the Cisco business phone to be the best choice.
  • Professional design: The Cisco phones are designed keeping in mind the professional background they are to be used for. Hence, you will notice that this business phone comprises a very professional design helping to get rid of the phone traffic faced during busy hours.

The unique benefits and features of the Cisco phones definitely make them the best choice for business phones. The reviews and the feedback enjoyed by Cisco phones are positive and pleasing to a great extent. Hence, if you are looking for a trusted brand for your phone system, trust Cisco Phones!