Business Phones: A Statement of Style and Functionality

What are they?

In today’s day and age the de facto mode of communication between people is the cell phone. The old trusty landline has more or less been relegated to the annals of history. So when someone mentions business phones, it elicits an understandably surprised response from the vast majority of people. They wonder what on earth business phones are. Are they landline based phones? Are they some new breed of cellphones targeted at the business person? Or is it something in between?

Well business phones as the name suggests are rightly targeted at business minded people and business owners. What is however not apparent from the name is the fact that these phones are entirely landline based phones. People may scoff at the idea of having landline based phones, that too for business in today’s day and age. But the fact of the matter remains that having a stable fixed landline based business phone is a mark of stability. It lends credibility to a business and is one of the hallmarks distinguishing established businesses from fly by night operators.

What is the utility of Business Phone?

So apart from the fact that a business phone lends credibility to a business or company, what other benefits do business phones provide? Well quite a few actually.

A business phone lends greatly to the organizational capabilities of the company. It helps to properly channelize both incoming and outgoing calls to the company. It greatly facilitates intra departmental and inter departmental calls. Modern day business phones like those from AB Telecom or Avaya have a highly integrated network solutions system to take care of dense office phone networks. They are especially useful for big business houses which have offices spread across several floors and each floor has several departments.

As an example of the efficient organization system which can be put in place by employing modern day business phones, the company is provided with a singular phone number and each employee is provided with a unique extension number. Thus no more does one have to sort through a jungle of mismatching phone numbers and end up calling the wrong person. One can very easily reach a specific person by dialing in the company phone number, the department extension number, the office extension number and finally the employee’s unique identification number. It is a straightforward process to call each other when one employs modern day business phones to handle daily office communications.

Besides, all said and done, the call rates for landline based numbers are still cheaper than the cellphone rates in most parts of the world. It therefore makes perfect business sense to install business phone systems in offices to take care of office communication needs. It can easily save many thousands of dollars on annual phone expenditures for the concerned company.

In addition to all of these benefits, modern day business phones come equipped with a host of interesting value added features which greatly enhance the functionality and utility of the business phones. The feature of VoIP is especially useful as it allows the person to conduct international business calls easily and conveniently.

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