Allstream – A Company with a Vision

Allstream is a quality provider of business telecom solutions to businesses in and around Canada. Formerly known as AT&T Canada, Allstream is a leading provider of quality business telecom ideas to Canadian residents and businesses alike. It has got superb expertise and skills in not only providing telecom solutions but also establishing high quality network infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country. Since they operate an independent network of their own, they are able to provide noise free and congestion free telephony experience.

The company has an extensive network of fiber optic cables, servicing the business telecommunication needs of thousands of business and residential clients alike. The company operates over thirty thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable across the length and breadth of the country.  Such an extensive and independent network allows Allstream to provide its clients and customers with uninterrupted voice and video calls anytime of the day for the entire year around. Very few telephony companies can provide such a service at cost effective rates at which Allstream provides these services.

This independent network of fiber optic cables allows the company to deliver advanced features and services to its clients and customers like digital switching, Ethernet-featured services, IP connectivity and the latest security technologies. Not only this, but the high end security systems do not slow down data transmission either. All data communication is carried out at gigabit speeds in spite of the multiple layers of security encryption.

Allstream is one of the few Canadian companies who know the value and importance of not only retaining customers, but employees as well. In today’s market scenario with cut throat competition, it is very difficult for a company to sustain itself if it suffers from a high rate of attrition. This can often be reversed by ensuring employees get their dues and every employee, from the clerical to the managerial level feels a part of the company. These company values and ethics helped Allstream win one of the top employer awards for the year ending in 2010. The award officially declared what its employees have known for years – that Allstream exists to serve and not to exploit.

The extensive work ethics of the company has also helped it earn many other laurels as well. Being one of the foremost companies of providing quality business telecom solutions like business phones, VoIP phones, full business phone systems etc. in Canada, the company has achieved recognition and respect in innovative technologies as well. Their services have been unanimously appreciated by big business houses like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and even Intel. The company also has firm policies on social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility.

The company was acquired by MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services) in 2004 and since then has been known as MTS Allstream. The acquisition did not affect the functioning nor the core values of the company in any way and today it stands as the fourth largest provider of business telecom solutions. Additionally, the company’s systems are well adapted to the systems of other telecom bigwigs like Avaya phones, etc.

All of this helped Allstream earn the coveted award for the most employer oriented company in Canada for the year 2010.

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