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Avaya Phones: Fulfilling the Innate Need to Communicate

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Everyone has the innate need to communicate. Mankind as a species is unique in this regard as it has the widest range of abilities to communicate with one another. Some people even suggest that the reason for man’s superiority over other animals is his superior ability to communicate. No other species comes close to matching man’s repertoire of establishing contact and maintaining communication. Serving this essential need to communicate is the superb range of phones from the house of Avaya Inc, popularly known as Avaya phones.

The invention of phone is one of the fundamental landmarks in mankind’s history. No single other device has had the kind of impact which the phone has had on the way man conducts his life. The phone totally revolutionized how man dealt with his surroundings and his fellowmen. No longer did distances appear intimidating or far. People sitting oceans apart could communicate as if they were sitting next to each other in the same room. Centuries came and went, but the phone is still an integral part of today’s life. It has changed several times over the past centuries, growing more efficient in both its design as well as sound transmission. In fact, the modern world and especially the modern business world would be unimaginable without the existence of the super breed of smart business phones. Business phones like the ones provided by Avaya phones.

Avaya phones truly are a class part. They have understood the concept of efficiency and simplicity so much that a top level organization simply cannot exist without having Avaya phones powering its workforce. Avaya phones are revolutionary in design and concept. They have been constructed keeping the needs of the future in mind. Thus one gets all of the most advanced technologies and features in Avaya business phones and phone systems. Hence one gets future ready business phones with such features like Internet telephony and VoIP services.

Furthermore, an Avaya business phone will instantly catapult the organization or company into the big league. This is because of the organizational efficiency of phone systems provided by Avaya. With Avaya phone systems, the company itself gets a single specific number. All the individual employees get their own unique codes and extensions. Thus, instead of having hundreds or possibly thousands of unrelated long, tedious phone numbers, one simply gets master phone number and unique extension identification numbers. When the public or a prospective customer, views the company’s website and the person to contact he will be impressed to see the systematic numbering provided to each and every employee. This aspect raises the company’s profile in the public’s mind, which in turn brings in more business adding to profit.

Avaya phones are also unique in another regard. Avaya phones do not discriminate between small businesses and large businesses. It rather believes that every business serves to benefit from increased organizational efficiency. As such Avaya phones and phone systems are available in a wide range of models, serving the needs of businesses of every size and suiting every budget. From basic level business phones to advanced phones providing support for video conferencing, one can find every type of business phone from the house of Avaya phones.

Avaya phones therefore aid in the essential running of a business by ensuring, smooth hassle free communication.