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Datel Call Center Reporting-a new avatar of call center

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Datel telecommunication offers a variety of IT related products and services. The company has been working in the domain for many years. The quality and efficiency in their products and services are the result of the hard work of the team at Datel.

As we know today, the business around the world is ever increasing. Various factors which contribute to the success of an enterprise, should be efficiently managed. The demand of the day is proper utilization of the available time and resources within the organization.

Datel’s Call Sweet, a fantastic Contact Center Management Solution provides an excellent platform for enterprise to grow and foster. In fact it is a new avatar of the traditional contact center management solutions.

SE Telecom is the leading provider of phone systems in Canada. Since its birth, there is no looking back. The company stands to provide quality products.

Coming back, Call Sweet has virtually changed the traditional outlook of the call center. In this, an agent is a multi-task guy.

Avaya phones and systems are used by many call centers around the world. In Canada we can see many Domestic as well as International call centers using Avaya Systems. However research and development is constantly being conducted to improve the efficiency and productivity of the solution they provide. CISCO’s networking solution is highly trusted and relied upon. However we also witness various branding strategies used by CISCO to place its brand in the arena of “Quality and trust”.

In Datel’s contact center solution we find various widgets, alarm and alert systems, which allow the quality measurement and examination of each agent working. It further helps determine the various critical points related to quality management. Traditionally, in the other phones, we witness that there are very less features and other functional parameters. Datel, here, brings in the latest replacement of the so-called obsolete phone systems.

The new avatar solution is loaded with various kinds of reports. Call Sweet and Call Sweet Live permit you to sort, filter, group, chart data, summarize and also provide the flexibility to view data offline by exporting it. Reports can be made as per your need, be it daily, weekly and monthly. Moreover you can get it delivered directly to your inbox as well.

Infact, Call Sweet is a superior call accounting application, which has a great sharing capability. Its architecture and functionality are user friendly. This application helps you with real-time data as well as those pertaining to the past. You have the freedom to monitor every aspects of the hunt group, be it call abandonment or the average hold time, everything is at a click of a button.

Call Sweet also allows you to manage factors like cost associated with telephone usage (Home/Tenant Billings), manage voice and data components (Infrastructure Management),  billing client calls (service billing) managing telecom assets with the help of telecom work order system (asset management) and various other activities, which pertain to this segment.

In other words, Datel’s contact Center Management solution is very advanced and is ready to revolutionize the entire market, the age old phone systems will get aside to welcome the new boss.

CISCO phones for all types of businesses

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

In order to succeed in the business, you are required to upgrade your infrastructure and technology including your phone systems. The business phones in the current phase have been developed in a very advanced way to support all types of business communication. The recent introduction of CISCO has brought forward a range of business telephones that will suffice your office utilities well. In this article, we will focus on some of the VoIP phones that are offered by CISCO for all types of businesses, no matter, big or small.

Unified IP Phone 7931G
If you are planning of taking up retail as your business wherein you will be required to communicate with your customers and clients constantly then these phone systems will be apt for you. By the installation of this type of business telephones, you can enhance the traffic of your company with all the features in the phone that you need. The functions of these business phones are very easy to operate whether it is that of redialing, putting the call on hold or the call transferring option. This phone system has speaker system that also has a key that indicates mute. There is a flash light that will flicker to denote that the mute feature is active.

Unified IP Phone 7940G
This telephone system offers the connection between two phones by using minimum wires. Auto-dial function is enabled in this telephone system. Hands-free option can be used when you want to use speaker phone. You can even connect a headset to these types of business phones. You will notice that the display of this phone is very clear and readable. Moreover, it allows you to access other features, applications and settings of the phone.

Unified IP Phone 7942G
If you are working in an office that witnesses high call volume then the high-fidelity wideband audio of this model will be beneficial for you. With this feature, the conversation can be boosted and it feels as if it is very natural. You can even access its iLBC feature if your network is very dull. Cisco Unified Communication can be used with its high resolution that is available in grayscale. You can connect two phone lines with these phone systems.

Unified IP Phone 7960G
In order to handle the phone traffic in your office, this phone will prove to be ideal. The feature of multiple phone lines is supported by these business telephones for those employees who have to attend lots of call when they are working with their clients. You can even use its port that allows you to connect headset. In case you don’t want to hold the receiver, then you can use its speakerphone or hands-free feature.  The display can be read easily. You can keep the 12 calls active at a time when it comes to handling phone traffic with its12 extra keys.

Unified Phone Expansion Module 7916
Administrative assistants can rely on these types of business phones that will allow them to know the status of call by monitoring. These business telephones help them to use the enhanced call coverage feature to monitor their team. They can know how many extra calls are incoming which is beyond the reach of old phones. The LCD display of this phone is very advanced and you can utilize the advanced network coverage too.

SE Telecom provides the above mentioned phones for all business types.

Multi Tech Fax Servers- Not just an ordinary fax machine

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Multi Tech Fax Servers are not like the ordinary fax machines that were used in offices centuries ago. This new technology has been especially designed for the modern office requirements. Gone are those days when you had to wait for the receiver to switch on his/ her fax machine so that you could send the fax. Now you can send faxes via e-mail. It is a bit hard to believe isn’t it? Multi Tech Fax servers convert the fax document into PDF or TIFF files which can be easily sent via email. These documents are printable for the receiver.

The Multi Tech Fax Servers comes with a two year warranty. The installation of this machine is also very easy. The manuals are designed to give assistance to the users. They contain all the details of the product and handling precautions that the user should keep in mind. Terms of warranty and customer service numbers are provided with the product so that the customers can easily get the solutions to any problem they might encounter while handling the Multi Tech Fax Servers. Any one who has a firm knowledge of handling hardwares and internet can easily navigate the equipment. The control panel is easy to understand.

The send fax client is supported with Windows 7, 2008, 2003 and WINDOWS XP. Therefore there won’t be any problem to create its compatibility with your existing operating system. It has a decent storage of 2 GB to store the inbound and outbound faxes. You can keep a track of all the faxes sent and received from the server. The fax machine is not only a delight for sending faxes but it automatically prints incoming faxes as well. You can customize the features of the product according to your product. The product line has multiple ports ranging from 1 to 8 depending upon the model you intend to purchase.

It has the facility of web interface that provides its accessibility from distant locations away from the office. What is more is that you can monitor the incoming and outgoing fax through the internet as well. You can get the updates of Multi Tech fax Servers on the internet. This reduces the cost of replacing the machine with time. Your fax server will reform and update itself with time. You do not have to replace the driver or firm ware in case of any default you can just get it from the web site. Multi Tech Fax servers create a life time relation with its customers.

If you want to upgrade your office equipments and machines with latest technology and want your office to be a modern hi tech office then SE Telecom is the name you can trust upon. The whole product line of Multi Tech Fax Servers is available at really affordable prices. Moreover, whopping discounts are also available with every model. SE Telecom also provides all the technical assistance apart from those provided by the manufacturer itself. If you encounter any problem with your Multi Tech Fax Server you can quickly get the solution.

Smart Business phones by Nokia to get cheaper – says Nokia’s Chief Executive

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

In this fast paced world, it has become necessary to install the latest business phones that are advanced and can support all the operations easily. Considering the high demand of the smartphones (categorized under business phone systems) are likely to get cheaper. This news was confirmed by the Chief Executive of one of the leading service providers of the phone systems, Nokia, Stephen Elop.

This is one of the companies that have developed their business telephones in large numbers. It has indeed made its mark in the communications and is considered to be high in volume. It is believed that this service provider of phone systems will soon be dealing in the smartphones which would be enabled with Microsoft’s software. This has in turn given a way to lots of possibilities that would arise in the world of avaya business phones. The demands for cheaper business telephones will rise as the rates will go down.

It was mentioned by Elop said that there were lots of topics discussed in the meeting. One of these topics suggested that the price of these phone systems will get reduced in a very remarkable way. Nokia team got convinced with this deal that was offered to them. Chief Executive Stephen Elop told the Finnish business journalists that this association of the business phone systems of Nokia with Microsoft would soon help them to reach popularity in a very rapid way.

This endeavor of Microsoft is an effort to compete Apple’s iPhone by offering advanced features in their latest business telephones in a very special way. You will learn about these features once this model will be introduced in the market.

In this phase of telecommunications, if you want to stay ahead, you need to equip with latest business phones that can serve every customer. You will be coming across lots of challenges, so you have to ensure that you are using latest business telephones that address the concerns of your clients in every way possible. You need to rectify all the faults in your smartphones and rely on the latest business telephones that are available in the market. It is your duty to ensure that you keep your company updated with the news that are making abuzz in the communication sphere. This step will let you decide in the board meeting regarding the upgradation of the telephone systems within your company.

Business phone system is an effective component of business communications that can help you in maintaining your clientele. Nokia’s latest news of its association with Microsoft is worth noticing. SE Telecom has used this news well to help companies in replacement of their traditional phone systems by new range of advanced smartphones. Undoubtedly, if you rely on the latest telephone systems, then within a short span of time, you will witness that the growth rate of your company will increase. You must try to utilize this deal and let your customers enjoy your services in a full swing. The customer satisfaction will be the prime achievement of your company if you install these telephone systems that are meant for making the work easier.

It can be concluded that the Chief Executive of Nokia has shown the signs of a major leap of communications in a very short period. He also indicated the cost effectiveness of smartphones in the forthcoming days.

Change the outlook of your office with Datel Call Centre Reporting

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Call centre management is not a simple process that is restricted to handling inbound and outbound calls of an office. There are many other things that have to be taken care of. Call centre management can be customized according to the needs and requirements of a business. The kind of expertise required in this domain is what Datel Call Centre reporting offers to you. It gives you a total communication solution that will make your office communication more manageable and planned. Call accounting solution provided by these IT experts cannot be compared with any other services in the country. Your entire communication problem has a solution.

It is a completely web based application and can be accessed from internet and you won’t be away from your office even on your holiday. You can monitor the office reports and be in touch with your managers and staffs continuously. Datel call centre reporting is capable of handling all the call details. You can keep an eye on all the inbound, outbound and inter office calls. This helps you to identify if your office telephone is not being misused. This also stops the over utilization of office telephone. It also reconciles your telephone bill with the usage. In an expensive country like Canada telephone bills have a huge share in the office expenses. Your accounts department must be scratching their heads to minimize telephone usage and telephone bills. All they need is Datel call centre reporting. Automatic reports can be generated on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. These reports cover all the vital areas of call centre. Any fraud or misdeed can be detected. In addition, it maintains telecommunication inventory. Moreover, it tracks the billable time for all the calls. Besides, it maintains a record of the time of the calls.

It not only makes your communication system easier in terms of accountancy but it makes it a more scientific process. Datel call centre reporting is a complete call centre solution. When call centre and customer care services have become an unavoidable requirement in the customer driven market, it has become even more important that you have an effective system to manage your calls and customer care services.

It not only manages the software but pays special regards to the hardware requirements as well. You can customize the Datel Call Centre Reports to give you asset management reports that include all the asset inventory control reports, reports that show the asset depreciation in detail.

Datel call centre reporting can be specially designed for law firms, accounting firms, architectural firms and engineering firms. The services are specially designed to look after the functions of these organizations.

Security is also a major concern for all the companies. Confidentiality of data has to be maintained even within the organization. With Datel call centre reporting you can restrict the invasion of supervisors into the core details. This avoids the chances of crucial reports being leaked out in the market. It is a complete package with no loop holes left anywhere. So you can change the whole outlook of your office with Datel Call Centre Reporting.

Enhance the output of your business with CISCO phones

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Cisco phones are now becoming popular because they have offered lots of convenience in the sphere of telecommunications. The company deals in selling business phones that are VoIP enabled and have a potential role to play for commercial activities as well as for personal use.

The Cisco 7931G IP phone must be used by your office staff if your stream is that of retail due to its ability of receiving “moderate” call volume. As a matter of fact, these phone systems are ideal if your business is big in size. They are known for offering hard hold function along with certain keys that allow you to redial as well transfer the call. There are flashing lights that can make your calls active up to 24 calls along with soft keys, mute feature and speakerphone key, this model is ideal for big offices that have high call volume.

The Cisco 7940G belongs to the category of business phones that serve medium sized business. There are lots of features in these telephone systems that range from hands free speakerphone, connection for headset and a high definition LCD display which lets you view the applications and other information. It connects two telephone systems.

The Cisco Unified IP phone 7942G will be essential for your official purposes where you need to focus on the clarity of audio while communicating on the business phones. This model of the business telephones will even help you to work constantly even if you have weak network in your office. These phone systems of the CISCO Company will allow you to view the information clearly on its LCD display.

Thus, you can see the transformation in your business communication with these CISCO and VoIP phones by their mere installation. Moreover, these phone systems will serve your users in a better way and will increase your profits. With the latest advancement in technology, it has brought lots of opportunities for business houses with low funds in seeking best service providers’ assistance. There are dozens of numerous CISCO phone service providers, online fax service providers and other alternatives that can prove to be milestones in the history of companies. You need not worry about your budget as these phone systems are very cost effective.

These are revisited forms of the traditional phone systems that have lessened the work pressure of the company. In case, you are in a field where you need to be connected to your customers through business phones, then these CISCO phones will help you to accomplish that task without any hassle. The competition level is very high so you will not all want to stay behind. Thus, you need to equip your workplace with latest gadgets as well as other utilities that will be able to cater to the modern needs in a better way. You should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to staying ahead in the business. There are lots of models that are available in the market, so, you can choose the business telephones that cater to the requirements of your organization, the best.

It is advised that you consult two to three service providers as they will give you a wide choice in availing best telephone systems for your official operations. You must finalize the latest version that gives you updated features with ease.

The Contribution of Avaya to the Telecommunications’ sector

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

SE Telecom has recently announced about the advancement in their communication. This means with their latest phone systems they have contributed to development in the field of telecommunications. The business phones that are now used in companies offer lots of features. Due to the advancement in the IT sector, every business enterprise can be available all the time. Thus, SE Telecom offers significant range of avaya phones that ensure that the communication between clients and company is uninterrupted.

Avaya phone systems can be considered as the backbone of the phone systems with their advanced features. These telephone systems have shown the way to the business organizations to adopt latest technology and in turn achieve success in a very progressive way. Avaya has recently stepped ahead to bless the IT sector with its essential contribution with the usage of IP network. You will achieve your targets with the assistance of the avaya phone systems. These latest business telephones will indeed make sure that the operations in any company can be finished fast without any fault. Moreover, the usage of VoIP phones has become necessary to avoid the system to get flooded with complaints.

For instance, if you are dealing with your clients and they are not satisfied with your services then you need to assess which part of your assistance is lacking in. You would definitely note that your phone systems that made them wait for long are one of the biggest issues that will come up during your analysis. Thus, they need to be replaced with latest avaya phone systems. Avaya is a company that can offer you a chain of seamless communication, data solutions, and related services that will in turn prove to be a major source leading you to success.

Avaya solution for communications is one of the effective business solutions that have transformed the companies in a very effective way. There were few companies who were a part of Avaya’s compliance testing program and learnt that there are lots of processes that need to be quickened with the installation of latest gadgets that promise business phones to serve all the purposes for the customers.

Every company aims to offer its customers, the best solution in every issue they are facing. However, some companies fail to do so, why? What could be the possible reason that is becoming a barrier between them and their customers? The simple and obvious answer to this is the level of communication must be improved through the installation of latest business phones. You can rely on Avaya because it is a company that has set its globally recognized standard. On the whole, Avaya telephones have always offered corporate houses to enhance their business patterns which have in turn given success in every project that has come across their company.

Thus, it can be concluded that every company regardless of its size can rely on the services of Avaya for long lasting as well as fruitful results in the long run. If you are not sure whether your phone systems will offer better service after depending on Avaya solutions then you can be a part of Avaya compliance testing program to clarify all your concerns.