Avaya Competing and Innovating to be the Best Phone Systems Provider

In the world of communications system, what company can provide an up to date service that enhances partnership, customer service, effectiveness and competitiveness?

Avaya telephones the world renowned leader in enterprise phone system is relentlessly upgrading its products, specifically VoIP phones and Business Telephones, to provide high-quality service to the clients it has been serving for many years. In this year 2011, what is in store for us from Avaya? In the 2011 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition the Avaya phone systems revealed its new products that advance the health care practices of hospitals all over the world. The new telephone systems are:

  • the Avaya Mobile Device Checkout 3.0 application with wireless LAN mobile device that allows communication from anywhere in the grounds of the hospital,
  • the Avaya Patient Follow-up that uses VoIP for continued health-care after patient discharge particularly to patients with acute or chronic illness,
  • the Avaya Patient Reminder that uses speech automation which sends outbound calls to remind patients of their doctor’s appointment and confirm it.

The Avaya phone systems have been constantly innovating to keep up with the current business needs of different companies in the world, the need for excellent telephone systems or advanced business phones. Hence Avaya phones developed Business communication manager with an integrated feature from both Business Communications Manager 50 and Business Communications Manager 450 platforms. This phone system is said to be perfect for business companies that want internal operations to be more efficient. Besides, it is a working telephone system in remote areas. It boosts customer service and it is notably cost-effective.

Business phones are not the only products that Avaya phones innovate. Innovations are developed also for individuals like you and me. Yes, you and me who are continuously keeping up with the pace of high-technology where the means of communication is always changing and moving forward. It’s a fact that most of us use the web or internet to connect to our friends, loved ones, employer and whoever else from all over the globe. And, with Avaya’s innovation the VoIP phones that employ Voice over IP (VoIP) technology allow phone calls through an IP server like the internet. It is a step-up from the commonly used chat box. The connection through the internet via VoIP gives a personal touch from the sender to the recipient.

Avaya has developed these innovations to compete against other phone system or communication providers. Avaya has always been challenged by business companies specifically by hospitals, banks and call centers to develop business telephones that increase customer satisfaction but are at the same time cost-effective. In this fast changing world where technology is always upgrading and advancing, customers would choose the best service provider for the benefit of their clients and their business. Communication is essential in many ways, but not just “communication” what is most important is “effective communication”. An effective communication needs an excellent system that can convey the message fast and precise.  Get such useful Avaya phones from SE Telecom.

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