How to keep your computers secure from viruses?

 There are  two popular ways a virus can enter your PC. The first one is the internet and the second one is any connection like USB. When virus enters the computer it gets infected and transfers the virus to other computers through USBs or other such external devices. 

Some easy and simple steps that you can take to try and prevent this are as follows

Antivirus Software:
Antivirus should be the first thing to install in your laptops and computers. It is the best step to be taken. It will have virus scanner so whenever some suspicious external thing will try to enter your PC it will be detected and then the effect will be neutralized by using the antivirus. I suggest that use the original version of the antivirus, do not go for the free antiviruses as they are not that effective.

Frequent Software updates:
Old version of software makes your PC just like an old man whose immunity has decreased with his age, the decreased immunity ultimately results in viral attack. So always remain updated to give some strength to your PC and for this purpose, install the updates regularly from the internet.                                        

Strong passwords:
Passwords are really important when the security of your computer is concerned. Those computers which have comparatively weak passwords have more gates opened for the virus to enter. Usually a strong password is the password which has almost 14 characters including numbers and symbols in them. Remember to never share your information with anyone neither write them anywhere.

Browse the website carefully:
Many websites have hidden content and viruses in them so make a smart decision about the website that you would like to browse. If you find pop-up messages in the site then try your best to avoid these websites.

Scan your PC regularly:
Sometimes the virus is hidden in your PC and you are unaware of it. So before it destroys your computer try to find it by scanning your PCs and laptops on regular basis. This will keep the health of your computer fit, securing it from viruses and worms.

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4 Responses to “How to keep your computers secure from viruses?”

  1. Brenda B. says:

    It always happens to people whom are not that savvy when it comes to computers. the only solution to these things is knowledge. a bit of reading on the internet can go a long way in terms of protecting one’s computer against attacks of computer viruses.

    it wouldn’t also hurt to stop downloading unknown files just because an ad banner says so. ;P

  2. Charles Reed says:

    It’s kinda easy to avoid getting viruses. And there are a lot of article on the web that will keep us informed about these things. One time is to regularly run an anti spyware program on your pc. do it every 2 weeks. =)

  3. I don’t usually get viruses. Since I’m usually careful with my browsing.

  4. TerryMay17 says:

    It is quite simple to avoid viruses. There are a lot of helpful links in the web to help you avoid these kinds of attacks. This is a sample of a good post that explains alot when it comes to avoiding system wrecking fiends.

    I suggest the norton anti virus.

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