Top Secret Motorola Droid Shadow Found Doing Push-ups in a Gym

Apple is not the only one having issues keeping their phone secret. Motorola has been in the spot light as well. The unreleased Motorola Droid Shadow got snapped up in a Verizon Corporate gym.

The Droid Shadow is the successor to the popular Motorola Droid. Apparently, it looks so much like the Droid the person who found it did not think twice about the find until they unlocked the phone to see who owned it. They were, you know… being a Good Samaritan by wanting to return it to the proper person.

Upon unlocking the phone, the finder stumbled on a text message. The text message read something along the lines of “Sup dude! You totally just found the super top secret phone.” OK, so that really was not the text message. There was a text message of some form that clued the finder on to his lucky find.

Like any good gadget geek, the finder did some looking around on the phone to snag all the specs they could. The rumored Motorola Droid Shadow will be sporting 16GB of internal storage. The phone will also have a Snapdragon processor or some sort. Best of all, the phone will come with an 8MP camera that can shoot 720p video. The screen will come in the 4.3-inch size variety, but the resolution of the screen is unknown.

This lucky phone find comes only a few days after another reported find. The “Getting Started” manual for the rumored Droid Shadow was also posted a few days ago on the HowardForums website. Now all someone needs to do is post a pack shot and these rumors can be put to rest.

The rumor mill continues with the release date as well. Motorola is supposedly dropping this phone on the public sometime in June or July of 2010. This would make sense as that is the rumored release date of the iPhone 4G. This release date is most likely no coincidence. Now the real question is: Why are all these testers of super secret phones just leaving their phones in the most obvious places?

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